pOnd is an art game made at Peanut Gallery.  We wanted to do a simple, one-button game that focused on delivering a meditative, relaxing experience.

The opening sequence of pOnd
The opening sequence of pOnd

For this game I helped develop the concept and mechanics, as well as generating level art assets and level programming.

The eponymous pond
The eponymous pond

Reaction to the game was fantastic:

This is a short artistic meditation on beauty and life via zen-like one-button breathing controls. In its five minutes, it’ll show you exactly what’s so wonderful about this medium of ours.  – RockPaperShotgun

It’s definitely a matter of taste, but if you like art games that 1) try to say something interesting and 2) manage to surprise you, then I think you’ll like pOnd. – Destructoid

With calming, pixellated graphics that lead you across serene landscapes, pOnd is a nice change from the generally fast-paced world of twitch-based games. – DIYgamer

I’ve played numerous strange and twisted games in my time, but p0nd must surely rank up there with the weirdest I’ve seen. – indiegames.com

I encourage you to play the full game, which can be played for free on Kongregate.


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