Tom Brady agrees with Bruce Arians on running the ball: “Get my ass on the ground”

On Sunday, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians had a simply description of his reaction to quarterback Tom Brady taking a big hit while trying to run the ball: “That’s enough of that shit.”

Brady agrees.

During his latest installment of the Let’s Go! podcast with Jim Gray, Brady responded to the pointed criticism from Arians.

“I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard him swear,” Brady said, laughing. “He’s right. He’s right. I agree with B.A. ‘Get my ass on the ground.’ That’s what I deserve. That’s where I should be. They’re trying to put me on the ground pretty tough, and they took some good shots yesterday. I think my days of running, they’ll be only if necessary at this point going forward.”

Arians separately said on Monday that the hits Brady took early in the overtime win over the Bills did not affect his accuracy in the second half.

Regardless, it’s important that Brady avoid contact. At the age of 44, it won’t take many hits to affect his ability to play. We’ve seen him do whatever he has to do to get rid of the ball before getting hit in the pocket. He needs to avoid it wherever and whenever he can.