Woman suffering from chronic pain considers chopping off leg to escape suffering

A woman suffering from chronic pain says she has contemplated chopping her own leg off to escape agony so severe she describes it as “torture”.

Joanne Robertson has suffered lymphedema in her legs since she was a baby, meaning fluid doesn’t drain properly and collects in her feet, Liverpool Echo reports.

The 46-year-old, from Liverpool, last year suffered an accidental blow to her right shin, which has led to increased pain on that side of her body.

She now suffers from shooting pains “burning” through from her foot to her head, she claims.

Knock-on effects such as loss of sleep and shaking have left her feeling like a different person, she said.

She claims a pain specialist has diagnosed her as suffering from muscle and nerve damage known as “peripheral neuropathy”.

However, she alleges her local GP Brookvale Practice is “refusing” to prescribe her with a specific painkiller – which could “ease her torture” – as it can be addictive.

Joanne said other medication has previously made her feel sick and unable to function.

Joanne claims the practice was “messing [her] about” with the tablets.

“It’s taken them three weeks to tell me I’ve got to go back to the pain specialist,” she added.

“They’ve been sending me home saying it’s to do with lymphedema.

“It’s not, it’s nerve and muscle damage. I’ve got the letter. That’s what the last doctor sent over to my doctor.”

She compared the level of pain she was in, to “torture” and said she felt “broken”.

“It’s waking me up, I can’t sleep,” she said. “I’ve got a bad back anyway but this pain is the full leg.

“I can’t keep going with the pain any more.”

In a tearful video, the woman said she “can’t do anything for herself” and friends have to help her do everyday tasks such as going to the bathroom and cooking.

It is understood that since the practice was contacted for comment by Liverpool Echo, Joanne has been given an appointment.

A Brookvale Practice spokesperson said: “Brookvale Practice is unable to comment on individual cases for patient confidentiality reasons.

“Managing chronic pain is complex and GP practices follow regional and national guidelines on prescribing opioids for chronic pain to ensure safe and effective care.

“We would encourage Ms Robertson to raise her concerns with Brookvale Practice directly in order to discuss her ongoing care.”