McDonald’s customer ‘threatens to strangle 14-year-old and smashes door in rampage’

A McDonald’s customer left patrons terrified during an alleged explosion of violence that saw him threaten a teenager before smashing a glass door.

As frightened customers looked on the man was said to have been asked to leave the fast food chain outlet before embarking on a rampage.

One witness said they heard the man threatening to strangle a 14-year-old while inside and said his assault on the glass doors resulted in him breaking one of the panes.

Part of the incident was filmed in which the man appears to be elbowing the door of the restaurant.

The eatery in Hull city centre was shut to the public at about 7pm on Thursday following the violent outburst sparked when the man was asked to leave by staff.

Humberside Police confirmed that a male was arrested at the scene on suspicion of criminal damage and remains in custody.

One witness who was inside the restaurant said the man was “messing around” when ordering drinks at the till and went on to threaten a 14-year-old saying he would “strangle” them.

After being asked to leave the man came back to the doors and began wildly attacking them as staff held them closed to stop him getting in.

Frightened customers looked on from within the locked-down McDonald’s as the man was said to have worked himself into a frenzy.

He allegedly kicked and elbowed the glass repeatedly and broke one of the panes of glass before he was eventually arrested for criminal damage.

On Friday morning the seating area of the restaurant remained closed but it is not confirmed that this was linked to the attack.

Commenting on the incident, one person wrote: “Another reason I avoid the city centre unless I have to then – it’s get out as quickly as possible.”

Another said: “Shouldn’t have smashed the window in then, this literally happened five minutes before we went in for food.”

A Humberside Police spokesperson said: “We were called to a report of a man having smashed the door of a fast-food restaurant on Jameson Street, Hull shortly after 7pm last night (Thursday 9 December), after being asked to leave by staff.

“A man was arrested shortly after on suspicion of criminal damage and remains in custody at this time.”