Nexus version has been released.  If you close Nexus and restart it, it should download the update.  You can verify which version of Nexus you are using by checking the bottom right of the Nexus window.

This is mostly a stability update, with various fixes to bugs that have come up since launch two weeks ago.  I’ve also done a lot of the background work new features that will be coming soon.

The updates you may notice are in the Chart Viewer, where the Age tag has been updated to include the years and months of the patient.

The Chart Viewer also includes a new Diagnosis section!  It will list the diagnosis codes for the cases associated with the patient.  If you hover over the diagnosis codes, you will see a tool tip which gives you the description for each code.

Hover over the diagnosis codes in a chart to view their descriptions

As always, please let me know if you have any requests or have run into any issues using Nexus.  There is a lot still in development, too, so stay tuned for future updates.




I'm the creator of Nexus.