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How Does the Game Work?

Despite recent neuroscience research supporting the importance of memorizing math facts, many current math curriculums emphasize discovery based learning and leave less time for rote memorization practice. While some students memorize math facts fairly naturally, some children require more extensive practice and need strategies that go beyond worksheets and flash cards. Our CLEAR THE BOARD addition and multiplication fact computer games offer a fun and interesting alternative that builds the child’s working memory as they search for the correct fact amongst a grid of neighbors. The chance to redo each board and improve the score shows children the benefits of practice and helps children build confidence in their math fact knowledge. Undo, hint functions and difficulty level options help avoid frustration. Using a mouse is extremely helpful for children who have fine motor problems.

How is the Game Played?

The goal of the CLEAR THE BOARD games is to find the two adjacent numbers (up/down/left/right) in a grid of numbers as fluently (quickly and accurately). If, for example, the product is 27 you would be search for a 3 and 9 that are next to each other. The timer keeps track of your score, with extra time added if you request a hint or want to undo your answer. Selecting the size of the grid or the range of math facts alters the difficulty of the game. The redo function allows a child to challenge their best time and see the power of practice.

As players improve, they should try the ultimate challenge of EXPERT MODE. The goal in this mode is to find all of the correct math facts so that every square in the grid is used once and only once. There may be more than one correct option on the board initially, but only one of those options will allow you to clear the board. As in the easier difficulties, the timer keeps track of your score and various functions affects the difficulty level of the game.