Homes ‘hanging off cliff’ as land width of football pitch collapses into sea

A woman living in an eroding seaside village has told of her fear after a chunk of land “the width of a football pitch” disappeared overnight.

Bev Reynolds, 70, said that the early morning landslide was the worst incident of its kind in Mundesley, Norfolk, since she moved there 18 years ago.

Two semi-detached homes and a block of six flats are now just steps away from a 40-metre plunge to the beach below.

Bev lives 50 yards from the cliff edge, where she said new homeowners can’t get a mortgage due to the risk of erosion.

Bev said: “You literally could jump from the houses down over the cliff edge.

“Luckily they’ve got big gardens – they’re likely to lose the gardens but the houses are probably going to be safe for the upcoming years.

She added: “It’s pretty scary. It’s the size of this one – it was about the width of a football pitch. It’s taken a really good slice of the cliff away.

“That particular piece of the cliff was very vulnerable because there wasn’t a lot of greenery on it.”

Bev, a parish councillor, said that the building hosting a block of flats was bought for auction for £50,000 due to its proximity to the cliff edge.

She added that a couple in their 60s bought one of the semi-detached homes for just £125,000.

Bev said: “When you buy a house along that cliff edge you can’t get a mortgage anymore.

“If you decide to live there you know what you’re in for. Their houses are probably worthless now.

“The view is fantastic but you know at any given moment these things could happen.

“We were given a 100-year lifespan for our house when we bought it but it’s since been reduced to 50 years.

Bev said that yesterday’s landslide was the biggest to hit Mundesley in her lifetime.

She said it was comparable to a huge tidal surge in 2013 that caused seven coastal homes to collapse in nearby Hemsby, Norfolk.

She also referred to a landslide in Trimingham, three miles away, where caravan owners were forced to flee after a landslide in January 2020.