Rottweiler owner leaves internet ‘sobbing’ by showing how dogs greet people in heaven

There’s a well known quote by US actor Will Rogers which says: “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

Which is absolutely true – who wouldn’t want to be met by their beloved pets when they pass over?

But one rottweiler owner has left people ‘sobbing’ after showing what it might be like to have your dog greet you in the afterlife.

In the clip captioned “you arrive in heaven, this is how your best friend greets you,” two-year-old rottie, Pluto, bounds towards the camera in slow motion.

The distant dog grins as he runs to his owner through a field to some rather emotional music.

The video of Pluto, from Cambridge, has been viewed 3.4 million times, with viewers in tears at the moving and hopeful clip.

One wrote: “I instantly started sobbing watching this and thinking about that day.”

“Tear in my eyes – I really hope this is true,” said another.

One summed dog ownership up as: “10 years of love and a lifetime of pain,” while another simply hoped they would get to see all their dogs again in the future.

Nothing can prepare a pet owner for the inevitable ageing of their beloved canine companion, and how difficult it is to accept that they’re getting older.

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And the owner of a golden retriever left people in floods of tears after sharing a video of their dog, Marley, growing older.

A TikTok video captured Marley’s life from when he was born in 2013, to a much more frostier faced pooch eight years later to ABBA’s emotional hit ‘slipping through my fingers’.

The clip, captioned: “Nobody prepares you for how hard it is to watch your dog get older” saw Marley – who lives in the Philippines – rack up over 3,000 followers on the app.

Over in America, Smiths Station Animal Hospital in Alabama, refuses to let a dog cross the ‘rainbow bridge’ without having a little taste of chocolate.

The vet surgery keep a jar of chocolates labelled ‘goodbye kisses’ in the practice to give to dogs who are about to be euthanised.

Jennifer Williams, manager of the hospital, told Fox News that technician Casey Hinkley came up with the idea for the facility after seeing a similar jar online.

Heartbroken pet owners flocked to the comments section and flooded it with tributes to their pets along with what treats they fed to them on their last day.