Why is this asking me for my phone number?
At the moment, NEXUS does not use your phone number for anything.  However, future features may utilize it to send you reminder or text messages, which you will be able to opt out of if desired.
What if I don't have a provider code?
If you don’t have a provider code, simply leave that field blank.
NEXUS won't let me register. What am I doing wrong?
Make sure you fill out every field possible, including selecting your Sex and Job Type from the provided drop-down boxes.  They appear in grey so they are easy to overlook, but they are required for registration.



How can I have a template automatically put my license number or credentials?
Since your license number doesn’t change, it’s best to simply put your License Number, credentials, or any other static information about you directly in any template you want it in.
Can I use the same template for multiple types of documents?
Yes, you can, though you will need to upload them separately for each document type.